WASN Configurator

Use our configurator for easy deployment of WASN or Heltec CubeCell Nodes.

You can find a manual and download here:

New version is only.

It is showing the used frequebcy band and channel mask.
These features will be in the new 3.1.0 firmware coming at the end of the week

new version 7.9 is online now.

fixed a firmware download bug

Configurator 8.0 is released.

many little bug fixes and stability improvements
fixed problem that AppEUI is not exported to database

configurator 8.1:
fixed error when comport not avail

configurator 8.2:
fixed gui bug for flashing firmware

Configurator 8.3:

added support for OutdoorNode

new Configurator v9.0

  • added TX Confirmed to DB
  • added online DB integration
  • added secure password store for online DB integration

Configurator 9.1

  • changed api read format for future expansion
  • api bug fixes

new Version uploaded

Firmware download and Cloud is working again